Enhance your outdoor living with our premium retractable awnings, providing comfort and protection on your deck or patio year-round. Crafted for durability, they expand indoor and outdoor spaces, offering sun protection, energy efficiency, and customizable designs to match your home’s aesthetic.

Nashville Retractable Screens understands the value of outdoor space, creating inviting areas for relaxation or entertaining while shielding from the sun’s rays. Motorized for convenience, these durable awnings ensure hassle-free adjustments based on weather or preference, a lasting investment for your home.

Revamp your outdoor oasis and bring indoor comfort with Nashville Retractable Screens’ premium awnings—blending style, functionality, and durability for your perfect outdoor haven.

Protects from Light Rain
More Usable Space
Reduce Harmful UV Rays
Bring Comfort to Your Space



Custom Made

Expertly crafted and professionally installed, our awnings provide years of comfort and enjoyment.

Color & Style Variety

Choose from the best outdoor fabrics, including Sunbrella – the longest lasting outdoor fabric available.

Built to Last

Crafted with aluminum components, you’ll never worry about rusting or corrosion from the elements.

Awning Applications

Deck & Patio Retractable Awnings

Enjoy every season from the comfort of your deck or patio. Awnings protect from glaring sun and light rain, while bringing a blend utility and comfort to indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Door & Window Awnings

A door awning keeps the rain off your back and the sun out of your eyes, creating warmth and comfort at your front door! Reduce the sun’s heat and glare while protecting your furnishings from fading.

Fixed Frame Awnings

A more permanent solution to the elements and often a critical design component. Fixed frame awnings are the perfect solution to protect spaces and create an inviting atmosphere.